Archways 2

Edited by Chris Molnar, Nicodemus Nicoludis and Naomi Falk

4 7/8 x 7 in.
TK pages
ISBN 9781648230431

Archway Editions is the literary imprint of powerHouse Books, and a literary complement to their trailblazing photobooks, all distributed by Simon & Schuster. Our mission statement is “to publish the finest authors, at all stages of their careers, who write material which is at odds with the prevailing status quo, both legendary and emerging.” We are genre-blind with a goal to publish unconventional books for the widest possible audience. 

This includes writers with long careers like Alice Notley, Ishmael Reed and Paul Schrader, but also young and midcareer writers who need a place to read. Archways is the in-house reading series that takes place every few months at POWERHOUSE Arena, our bookstore in downtown Brooklyn across from the Manhattan Bridge archway, as well as Stories Books in Los Angeles. It’s a place for authors to present incredible work out of the mainstream, some of which we end up publishing (like the work from Luke B. Goebel and Jasmine Johnson excerpted here).

This anthology collects work from the fourth through the tenth reading, all held in 2022 and 2023. Every event has a visual component, and we’ve shared some stills and photos from our visual artists too. There’s nothing quite like the high
wire tension of a live reading—but this’ll have to do for now.

CONTRIBUTORS include: Aiden Arata, Will Augerot, Ivanna Baranova, Giulia Bencivenga, Caitlin Brady, Zoe Brezsny, Nifath Karim Chowdhury, Heather Donohue, Claire Dougherty, Boris Dralyuk, Leah Sophia Dworkin, Jared Daniel Fagen, Naomi Falk, Sam Fishman, Caitlin Forst, Tori Gesualdo, Luke B. Goebel, Evan Gorzeman, Zoey Greenwald, Brady Jackson, Alexandra Jade, Jasmine Johnson, Evan Laffer, Tamim Louise, Rachel Ly, Danilo Machado, Ruth Madievsky, Mark Meneses, Sul Mousavi, Chukwuma Ndulue, Moira O’Neill, Sóla Saar, Iván Salinas, Anna Shoemaker, Liza St. James, Tivali Thomas, John Tottenham, and Lillian Paige Walton.