cokemachineglow: Writing Around Music 2005-2015

edited by Clayton Purdom

December 13, 2022
4 7/8 x 7 in.
288 pages
ISBN 9781576879979

Irreverent, cultishly adored, and dearly missed, the music writers at cokemachineglow produced some of the greatest, weirdest, funniest, sharpest criticism of the 21st century, and have gone on to write for major publications.

In that sweet spot online before streaming and social media, people discovered music on blogs and webzines. A few have gone corporate, and nearly all the rest have disappeared. None are more missed than cokemachineglow – founded by a Canadian music writer in 2002, it grew to encompass a motley crew of brilliant, idiosyncratic writers and draw an intense readership of music fans. These critics have now published books and written for outlets like The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Village Voice, Film Comment, Pitchfork, Esquire and GQ, among many other accomplishments, but there’s never been – and never will be – another masthead so beloved and anarchic, writing that isn’t just describing music but creating a culture, a narrative, a way of speaking that is hugely influential in how we hear, talk and tweet online.

Featuring a brand new introductory essay by editor Clayton Purdom.