Archway Editions is the literary imprint of powerHouse Books (distributed by Simon & Schuster).

Archway’s mission is to publish the finest authors, at all stages of their careers, who write material which is at odds with the prevailing status quo, both legendary and emerging. This series is designed to be a literary complement to the trailblazing artbooks of powerHouse Books proper, pocket-sized texts that are guaranteed to alter the way you see the world.

Our first publications were Ishmael Reed’s play The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the memoir in verse Acid Virga by Gabriel Kruis, and Unpublishable, an anthology of work from the New York reading series of the same name. In 2022 and 2023 our publications include work from Alice NotleyStacy Szymaszek, Erin Taylor, Ishmael Reed and Paul Schrader.

The imprint is genre-blind with a goal to publish unconventional books for the widest possible audience.


Daniel Power – CEO
Chris Molnar –  Editorial Director
Nicodemus Nicoludis – Managing Editor
Naomi Falk – Editor