I FELL TO THE EARTH MOUTH FIRST by charles theonia

I FELL TO THE EARTH MOUTH FIRST by charles theonia

It’s bad enough this earth suit keeps trying to kiss me

I left the bed open and clouds got in

My gut flaps worse if I finger
this feeling heavy with wings

prone to shedding butterfly
scales I willfully mistake for invitations

How on the moon could I expect love

It takes a few days’ ugly differences
to decide if hope’s embarrassing
or a serial devastation

A new thought can’t
yet hold its own weight

Wet and buckling under myself
I turn to painting lip gloss boys

Erections blush across the land

If no works are installed in the far
corner of the gallery
become the work yourself

The red extent of my empty throat
suggests I steal my outline back


charles theonia is a poet, enthusiast, and transsexual without direction. They are the author of If a Piece Falls off the Poem, Keep It (a Belladonna* chaplet) and other writings on gay zits, sexology, and disco.

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