On the Supply Chain and Printing Delays

It has been an unprecedented year. Last fall, we launched Archway Editions with our sell-out title The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda by Ishmael Reed, and followed with Gabriel Kruis’ powerful debut Acid Virga and the genre-challenging anthology Unpublishable. With these titles in hand, we set forth with an astounding slate of poets and writers for 2021.

But, like so many other small and indie publishers, supply-chain issues and extraordinary costs have affected us deeply and in ways we couldn’t foresee and didn’t expect. The entire publishing industry is reeling from these problems of supply and shipping, and for us, that has meant delays in printing our spring and fall titles. This is an unfortunate and frustrating situation, and we hope to have a resolution soon in order to bring these vital and astonishing books into the world and into your hands. 

We understand and apologize for the frustration these challenges have caused our readers, and hope that once we are past the worst of it–which we believe we are–we will have a strong slate of books that continue to further our mission. It’s an imperfect world right now, but we hope we can count on your continued support and understanding.

We will bring any and all updates as soon as we can, and we are confident you will be reading our books soon. 


Nick and Chris