Randy and Stinker Lets Loose

by Mike Sacks

January 10, 2023
4 7/8 x 7 in.
240 pages / 216 pages
ISBN 9781576879726 / ISBN 9781576879733


“This book is fucking awesome. It’s my life’s story. I’m thirty-four but look twenty-one. Maybe twenty-two at the most. I live in Maryland. Please read it. I’m a writer, a songwriter, an artist. I do it all. I’m an artist of life. I’m an adventurer, I’m the president of my development. Read the memoir. You won’t be disappointed.”

A self-published memoir of a Maryland thirty-something found by author Mike Sacks at a garage sale in 2019 and re-published here for the first time. The memoir is written by the struggling poet and novelist Noah B., who is embedded in the mind and lifestyle of a perversely unexceptional American asshole named Randy. Like Pale Fire if it were about a Danny McBride-style fuckup, the story is both unmoored from time and eerily prescient of our own—one so stupid and unbelievable that it requires a writer like Sacks to bring it to light.

“The year’s best memoir is about a man who shot a porno in a Baskin-Robbins.” –Vice

Randy does more to explain certain unexpected turns in this nation’s political fate over the last couple of years than a bazillion think-pieces in the New York Times, Atlantic, New Yorker, MSNBC.” –John Colapinto (The New Yorker)

Stinker Lets Loose:

“She may be an insane chimp, but she’s my insane chimp!”

Mike Sacks is writing the apotheosis of avant garde comedy—books written as found documents, trawling through the ephemera of suburban America, jokes low-brow, bizarre and visceral in a package more formally taut and wildly ambitious than nearly anything published as literary fiction today. Stinker Lets Loose is the deadly accurate novelization of a non-existent ’70s drive-in film, complete with images from the set; it explores the implications behind Eastwood and Reynolds vehicles while one-upping them in puerility and wildness.

“If you don’t know who Mike Sacks is, well, you should. His writing is funnier than just about anyone’s. I say Hooray for Mike Sacks and everything he stands for.” -David Sedaris

“He’s the best kind of comedy writer; a bona fide weirdo with virtually no interest in satisfying anything other than his own personal obsessions.” –Andy Richter

$16.95 (RANDY) / $16.95 (STINKER)