Three Poems by Joseph Grantham

THREE POEMS by Joseph Grantham


in the tub


quaint sounds of non-rain

outside bathroom window

cat orbiting rim of tub until close call slip

murmur of tenants above me

failing to articulate why a german writer

does a german thingamajig in his german

short story but this is after i’m out of the bath

in the bed now tired of going to work tomorrow

inability to write something specific

about something generic, take something

like ‘something,’ four times in a poem, ‘german’ three (now four),

brushed teeth hours ago, feel the need to brush them again

the way the book bends to the right

irritates me to no end, the end


i saw your baby


what is his name

he doesn’t look happy

what are you doing

why doesn’t your baby look happy

i saw your husband

i don’t understand why he looks like that

do you love him

he was sitting in a chair when i saw him

where did you go


two mantras




My life is small and full of purchases and one day it will end.

Spread peanut butter over cinnamon raisin bagel.




You can listen to music on Youtube before you die.

Sit in bed with the cats until your clothes are dry.



Joseph Grantham is the author of Tom Sawyer (CCM Press, 2018) and Raking Leaves (Holler Presents, 2019). His writing has appeared in the Southwest Review, Bennington Review, New York Tyrant Magazine, Autre Magazine, The Creative Independent, and elsewhere.

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